Though we have yet to fully understand the degree to which the world must change due to circumstances related to COVID-19, organizations and entities across Canada are re-engineering themselves quite rapidly in response to largely unforeseen circumstances. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, young Canadians have experienced the greatest decline of any other segment of the population in their mental health. Youth aged 15 to 24 have reported a 20% decline in their mental health and those aged 15 to 29 have reported a similar drop in their life satisfaction (Source: Statistics Canada, 2018 Canadian Community Health Survey and June 2020 Canadian Perspectives Survey Series). The disruptions to education systems at all levels and the long-term impact on youth employment, job readiness and earning potential of Canadian youth have been considerable.

Amidst all this every segment of society has had to find ways to move our interpersonal interactions to a physically distanced, virtual or digital alternative of some kind. 

It is within this climate that youth-serving organizations have had to pivot to different service delivery models, update training and responsiveness criteria for front line staff, consider the implications for long term sustainability, and, importantly, find new and creative ways to support and serve the most vulnerable youth. 

This funding stream will offer grants to these youth serving organizations seeking to build on lessons learned from COVID-19. This funding stream will support youth-serving organizations in scaling up promising initiatives already underway, that both seek to respond to challenges from the pandemic and build capacity and sustainability for initiatives that work to address these challenges in the long term.  Please visit the criteria section below to learn more.


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