The YMCA’s Contribution to Well-Being in the GTA

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YMCA of Greater Toronto

This 2018 report may be of use to any charity interested in specifically measuring the impact they have on the well-being of people in their communities – this kind of information can be useful for fundraising and advocacy purposes.

From the Introduction: “This report presents the results of a benchmark evaluation that assesses the contribution that the YMCA makes to the well-being of those who are direct beneficiaries of our programs and services, and to the well-being of the neighbourhoods in which we are located. This report highlights research that addresses two fundamental questions:

  • Do people who use YMCA programs and services in the GTA (Y members) have greater well-being and health than those who do not
  • Does the presence of YMCA services within a neighbourhood contribute to the well-being of its residents more generally?”


Julia Morgan
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