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Ensuring every Canadian youth is given the opportunity to learn

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Azrieli Foundation gifts $4 million to support Catapult Canada

A teacher stands in front of a classroom full of students.

Catapult grantee profile: Centre Communautaire Bon Courage

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First Catapult-Funded Project Concludes with Resounding Success

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Moving Learning Forward

An ecosystem for learning equity and innovation

Increasing equity of learning access for youth

Our goal is to build capacity, increase opportunity and ultimately generate success for youth and the organizations that serve them.
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One goal and one community with dedicated resources, tools and practices.

The impact of person after person, and organization after organization, all working towards the same goal can have a tremendous impact that’s greater than the sum of these individual efforts. It’s what’s possible when you unite institutions, community groups, employers, governments and foundations around a single goal.

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The Access Innovation Fund is a multi-million-dollar fund that will support diverse projects at different levels.
The Fund will seed innovation in access to learning and education, particularly through the work of small to mid-size organizations. It will also support larger organizations to widen their impact, and strengthen their connections with communities.
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Featured Resources

Catapult provides valuable and up-to-date resources ranging from new funding opportunities to evaluation supports, new research on promising practices, and more.
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Catapult Data Collection

Catapult Canada Data Collection Tool

Evaluation/Research and Data
Catapult Canada
Group of College Students Walking To Class

Navigating Two Worlds: Paths to Indigenous Career Success (2021)

Indigenous Knowledge/Research and Data
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Career Crafting the Decade After High School: Professional’s Guide

Capacity Building
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The YMCA’s Contribution to Well-Being in the GTA

YMCA of Greater Toronto


See how others are building know-how, capacity, funding, evaluation frameworks, partnerships, and infrastructure.
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