Life in the GTA: A Window on Well-Being

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The YMCA of Greater Toronto and the Wellesley Institute

This 2018 research study and report was jointly done by The Wellesley Institute and the YMCA of Greater Toronto to accurately assess the state of well-being of GTA residents overall and in different neighbourhoods. This report now forms a useful case study about measuring neighbourhood well-being through research – such research can then be used in making a case around meeting the well-being (or lack of well-being) needs in your community.

From the Introduction: “In this report, we explore the well-being of GTA residents using initial baseline data from the YMCA of Greater Toronto – Wellesley Institute Well-Being Monitor (GTA Well-Being Monitor). The GTA Well-Being Monitor is a long-term research initiative established by the YMCA of Greater Toronto and the Wellesley Institute to track neighbourhood level trends and patterns in well-being across the GTA. It incorporates 41 specific neighbourhood level well-being indicators organized within eight broad domains of well-being.”


Julia Morgan
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